Energetic Silks

Spirit of Gifts (Souffle de Talents) - The pleasure is linked to the endorphins that are hormones that act on our well-being and our creativity.

A work of art is an artist's vision of the world - It's a story - You discover it, you feel it, you talk with it. It plunges us into our memories, gives us another light on the present and accompanies us towards the future. It is a source of energy, the energy of the pleasure of discovery and acquisition. This pleasure, we find it every time we look at it.
So why deny the possibility of having it permanently at hand?

The Kisses of the Moon Tubular scarves, headband, headband, hat, knotted, wear it as you like. At home, in the street, in the evening, at work, in hiking, for the sport it accompanies you whenever you want.
The kiss of the moon is an original work of art. And like any work of art, you choose it on a blow of heart. But, unlike the others, you can take it everywhere, make it discover, Share his story.

Original works - Unique pieces and limited series - The technique of creation of the works represented on the kisses of the moon is photography - The limited series are therefore limited to 30 numbered copies and signed any medium and formats combined. The kisses of the Moon presented on this site are only single pieces or limited numbered signed series.

Reproductions: reproductions are reproductions of more than 30 copies, they are no longer considered as original works of art. - Reproductions are created and made to order only.

Pascal Barnier - Artist - all rights reserved

Collections 2016 / 2017

Kisses of the moon